Sunday, October 05, 2003

=D Yay! I moved my blog.... the link is or

^________^ Make sure to change it! cuz I'll be leaving this one and blogging over there ARIGATOU FAITHIE!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Guess what everyone! ^_^ I have been adopted! yayness! XD err I mean.. Faithie is gonna host my bloggie!! Oh so much arigatou gozaimashta desu ne!! *uber glomps* ^^;; i'll post the link and all so you could change it later..@_@ right now... just posting one last quiz I took:

You are an extremely talented person and you are also brilliant. You are mature, charming, straight-forward and you worry about your friends when they're in trouble. You give great advice and you're probably one of the best friends someone can ever have.

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
Take the quiz at Dare to Dream

^^;; HIRO eehhh..hehe oh well I'll be posting more when I get hosted ^_______^ ja ne

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

School was today! But it sucked.... I spend two hours sitting on that stupid Theater... my butt even hurts! I was atleast planning on sleeping through out the whole play, but these stupid cafres we're bugging, saying the most IMAGINABLE dirty things they could think of about the actors. I was so pissed off. They even called us Satanics just because I was reading one of my graphic novels XD I did tell 'em off. "Las opiniones al carajo" Hehehe.

After the play, which I was glad that finished. We went to the mall, =D Yay part. ^_^ I went to borders with my friends, Yanagi and Yahiko! (Veronica and Becky =P) and bought 4 Manga graphic novels! Yanagi-san bought the first volume of Magic Knight Rayearth, Yahiko-san bought 2! I think one was called Samurai Deeper Kyo and Gravitaion while I bought Zodiac P.I.! It's cool! But I can't seem to find ANYthing about it in the net, T_T if any of you know something! e-mail me! Onegai!?

I also read something about my Zodiac Sign, Aries, O_o I seriously did not know this... Aries represents a hero, because a Ram saved some boys' lives from their brutal step-mother. Also Aries tend to get married later in life than others! T___T;; and Aries are also short-tempered! o_o;; Boy that's me... >.<

Ah well I'm off to finish reading Zodiac P.I.! =D So Ja ne! Also maybe the version 3 layout will come up by this week or weekend. O.o I don't know....~_~ I have so much homework and I have two exams this week....eeek.

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Oh hohohohoho! O_o could it be....that I could be... a bit of a....yaoi fangirl? o_o well... It's all Yahiko's fault....-___- sooo.....

i'm noriko ukai!
which member of nittle grasper are you? click here!

>_> Don't get scared. atleast I got a girl! =D I actually like Noriko!!

OH you know what?!?!?!? XD I'll leave Lain for version 4!! VERSION 3 MUST BE NITTLE GRASPER!! =D Hell yah! Tomorrow is the school trip!! Yay! I am so excited ^^ We're also going to the mall after that sooooooooo IM GONNA GO ANIME SHOPPING!!! =D Woot!

SO I'm leaving now! ^________^ See ya all tomorrow! and wish me luck! =\ I mean it like that so.... you know I don't go on an accident or something...>_> Ok not like you all care right? ^^;;;;;

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Ack! *looks up* that's not good....

*looks to the crowd* o.o;; um... may I have your attention? It seems my geocities bandwidth had exceeded its limit. X_x I believe all images will show ok...

Today is saturday, yes.... This week its gonna get packed with homework...This tuesday I'm going to a school trip to a theater. ^_^ We're going to watch "Midsummers dream" (k... Im not sure its written like that, but I do know it's from shakespear)

Oh guess what! ^_^ I'm gonna put version 3 up soon! It's gonna be LAIN inspired XD and...>> I have to hunt down and stalk Faithie to code it up for me... it doesn't seem to be working for me!!!! ><

Oh yeah... today's post is SHORT. I have nothing to post here....sooo....YANAGI O_O YOU ARE A NUTSO!!!

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Monday, September 15, 2003

Where have I been, eh? What the hell have I been doing to keep me away from my own BLOG!?

Well you see lots of things have happend through all these weeks O.o heh yeah... like, My bro's birthday was last saturday. my friends coming over a lot. and....SCHOOL WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF EXAMS! oh yeah and RPing. and posting a lot in my new fave forum. Oh yeah I almost forgot... also enjoying the power of BROADBAND! XD yay!

But... I feel I should change my layout...should I? god I love my layout so much I don't think I'll change it yet...T_T what to do..... what to do....

I need to get myself a darn FTP... =D I'm gonna get hosted! yay! *waves* XD HEY FAITHIE!

Oh guess what? I might be getting a doggy soon! ^_^ awww I think I'll call it Ein or Shigure...=D I really don't know.

Finding RPG's has become so difficult now.... SO many newbies around it's sickening... Atleast I got my friends... I can still rp with them. But I need to find more people for our little rpg group of RK. O.o.... yesterday it didn't go well trying to get this one Kenshin to join us....^^;; Kyra was trying so hard to be "nice" XD it scared him away.

Mom's become such a bitch... -_-
Yahiko is nuts
Kyra is evil
Faithie is happy
Hiro is a jerk
Mokie is cute
Susie is fun!
In my pants is perverted
Ari is annoying
The sohma's are sometimes boring but interesting to talk to
Dad is an asshole
Bro is never home
Gilberto doesn't hang out with us much
Marielly needs a hotmail account
Keishla is leaving us...
Brenda is Mafia

and I am miserable...

O.o how good can life get?

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This is my blog, Where my face remains blank paper, Unwritten with the words I might have spoken. My true tongue in writing brush in my hand, My true voice the whisper of flowing ink. Still, there are things that needs to be said now, Here, Not set down in secret and folded away in a drawer.

[...Sakura Mochi ver02: Trust and Betrayal - Featuring: Kenshin & Tomoe...]

This Layout features Kenshin and Tomoe, decided on a RK layout when I saw this OAV, I love Kenshin and Tomoe so much, I asked my friend to make it for me. ^_^ The OAV touched me so much... I love what Tomoe was able to do for Kenshin, and if she was alive, they'd make a much better couple than with Kaoru, I might say I dislike Kaoru...since my character which I rp (Tomoe) Didn't get a long with her, (Yeah, she kicked me out of the chatroom because the whole Kenshin/Tomoe relationship in the OAV was 'uncomfortable' for her.)So, HAH! I tell you, you have made me so angry at you, I wish I could make a Kaoru hate website... But really! She's the only Kaoru I hate. ^^; I don't really hate Kaoru that much, she's still cool in my list in the anime since she helped made Kenji XD He so cute!

- The lost cat :: Sheath

Name's Soleil, which is in French and it means Sun. ^^; I don't like it very much. I have so many nicknames so I suppose they are: Akane, Tomoe, Snuggle-bunny, Soly, Solyness, and Supa Soly!
Personality and likes: I'm tomboyish. mature. sweet. nice. cheery. frightenly happy. serious at times. fanatic. I love Anime & Manga. bishounen! loves drawing. Designing. reading. hanging out with friends. Serious Roleplayer.

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